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Evergreen House | Salesforce implementations

Our services:

Salesforce Quick Start projects
Quick start
Get your company up and running with Salesforce CRM in 5 - 10 working days.
Salesforce bespoke solution
Bespoke solution (small)
Configure Salesforce to meet your specific business needs.
Salesforce solution for your corporation
Bespoke solution (large)
In depth business analysis, project planning and phased delivery of Salesforce for part or all of your business.
Salesforce client services
Client Services
Is Salesforce the right solution for your business? What will it offer me? What will it save? What could I loose?


Evergreen House consists of group of qualified Salesforce consultants who all have experience working for large IT consultancies or Salesforce boutique agencies. They use this experience to coordinate the delivery of your Salesforce solution.

This is achieved by understanding your business needs and pairing them to an established Salesforce implementation company who have experience in delivering a similar solution and have experience in your business sector. They will have a proven track record in your industry or are experts in a particular area of Salesforce implementation. Evergreen House is therefore able to offer a truly unique service from 'best practice' methodology from small businesses to the truly huge enterprises.